In January 2015, we launched our Junior Blogger Programme which aims to develop young people’s writing skills. We want to facilitate creativity in all children by encouraging them to author their own stories and develop their voice through writing. We want our children to be able to confidently write about the world as they see it, adding constructively to the world’s dialogue so they know that their opinions, stories and ideas matter.


Our junior bloggers program is aimed mainly at 6-9 year olds, but those older and younger are welcome to join too. Junior bloggers will be asked to submit pieces every 1-2 months. We’ll be asking them to write short stories, poems or opinion pieces and at the end of the year we will work with our bloggers to pick their best pieces to include in a published book of their short stories.


Junior bloggers will first be asked to write a mini review of our first book, The Hidden Temple of Ogiso, to ease them into the program and following this the creative process begins.


Our second task for our junior bloggers focuses on the importance of having strong characters in a creative piece. We’d like our junior bloggers to pick their favourite character from a TV show, cartoon, film or book and discuss why they  picked that character and what makes their chosen character interesting.


If you know of a young person who is aged between 6 and 9 who likes writing or who may benefit from this programme please email us, we’d love to hear from you.


You can read some of our first junior blog posts by clicking on the titles below:


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