Christian JB BadgeWe’re delighted to introduce you to our new Junior Bloggers Programme which aims to encourage children to develop their writing skills in a fun and engaging way. Our first blog post comes from 7 year old Christian who discusses why he likes ‘The Hidden Temple of Ogiso’.


Let Christian know what you think of his blog post by leaving a comment below; he would love to hear from you. Let’s encourage our young people to become the best writers that they can be. If you know of anyone between 6 and 9  years old who might benefit from this programme please email us at


“I like Obi and Titi because the adventure is interesting.


When Obi and Titi were playing hide and seek in the woods, when Obi was hiding he found a path and he followed the path and found a lake. He swam really far and took a deep breath.


Then a lake monster was grabbing Obi’s foot. It was holding on tighter, then he hit the monster and the monster’s hand got loose and Obi got his foot out and swam faster than he ever swam before.


He got out and walked and few steps and fell. Titi had found Obi in a hole, then Obi found his dad’s spear.


I can’t wait until the next book.”


 You can view Christian’s written submission here


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