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Our junior bloggers are doing a great job on their mini book reviews. Our latest junior blog post comes from 11 year old Ciara who describes why she thought The Hidden Temple of Ogiso was very good.


Let Ciara know what you think of her blog post by leaving a comment below. Let’s continue to encourage our young people to become the best writers that they can be. If you know of anyone, particularly children between the ages of  6 and 9  years old, who might benefit from this programme please email us at


“The Adventures of Obi and Titi was very good because it was interesting and funny.


I don’t have a favourite part because I loved the entire thing. I can’t really tell which is my favourite because it is very, very good. It’s so good it might even end up as a movie.


I liked this book because during every part of the book you are wondering what will happen next. For example, when Obi went into the river that he was not supposed to go into, you are all excited about what’s going to happen next.”


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