Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach children about ancient African empires and their important contribution to present day civilisation through a blend of fun, fact and fiction.


One of the mediums for doing this is our children’s adventure book series, “The Adventures of Obi and Titi”, where our characters meet heroes and heroines of Africa’s untold past and visit magical empires they could only have dreamed of.


Book Set 1 (Covering the Benin and Oyo Empires)

Books 1 – 6

1 – The Hidden Temple of Ogiso

2 – The Traveller’s pendant

3 – The Black Okuta

4 – Queen Idia’s Mask

5 – Shango’s Axe of Thunder

6 – The Great Walls of Benin


Box Set 2 (Covering the Sahelian Kingdoms – Mali, Songhai and Ghana Empires)

Box Set 3 (Covering the Ethiopian, Kush and Egypt Empires)


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About the Obi and Titi Team


Oyehmi. T. Begho BSc(Hons), QTS, MA, MBCS, MCPN


Oyehmi Begho has a BSc. in Computer Science and a Masters in the use of ICT in Education. He is an ex-teacher, IT Consultant, author and illustrator, passionate about children, education and life-long learning.


The Obi and Titi series is an endeavour close to the creator’s heart, that challenges the growing cultural divide and he hopes it will give all children a better understanding of Africa, its people, culture and history.







Abi Begho, MSc, MPH

Abi Begho, MSc, MPH

 As well as being the wife of the author Abi Begho is the Operations Manager of the Obi and Titi series dealing with all things related to the admin and operations of the business. 


In practice, as part of her role, Abi identifies and manages our stockists, organises our book readings and signings, researches relevant events we should attend and manages our blog and social media. What this means is that our author can focus on being creative.