It’s so lovely to see that our cute little junior blogger, 10 year old Sari Kaylan, has started her own blog, Sari’s Shelves, where she reviews, writes and shares stories.  Today, we’d like to share one of Sari’s short stories, The Wishing Mare. Please leave a comment below to encourage Sari with her writing and we’ll pass these on to her. Sari even has some questions for you at the end of her story, please get involved and answer some of her questions. 


The Wishing Mare

The Wishing Mare

A beautiful white mare stood confidently on a grassy hilltop. It shook its perfect white mane in the cool summer breeze. It began side-stepping down the hill displaying its superb balance. SKID! The horse’s hooves gave way sending her flying into the cold river below. 

The thin light of dawn shook the sky awake as the black churning river swallowed the horse whole. Bubbles appeared on top of the surface as the mare pushed her way back up the river. Her head fought through the wet wall, but what she hadn’t realized was that her foot was stuck in a weed that had coiled its way around her ankle. A thorn stuck into her flesh sending a stinging sensation through her body. Struggling to remove the thorn sent it deeper into the mare’s thin leg as she sunk like a stone.




I quickly opened my eyes realizing it was all just a dream. 

Wait a moment that splash was real! That’s odd; where could that have come from? 

Oh no! It’s David’s night to camp out! What if he’s in trouble?! I told dad that he was too young to camp outside alone! The thought of my baby brother possibly being hurt made my gut turn upside down! I clambered out of bed and across the floor to my best friend Jamie’s air mattress.


“Jamie?!” I said a little too loudly. She rolled on her back and opened her eyes slightly.


“WHAT?!” She shrieked and I covered her mouth.


“David is in trouble!”


“Huh?!” She whispered. I turned on the lamp and screwed the cap off of her water bottle. I doused her with the icy water!


“AARGHHHHH!” She screeched, and she sat up and stared at me. I pulled her up and then pushed her into the closet.


“Get your jacket on; let’s go!”


“It’s two in the morning.”


“David slipped in the lake. HE CAN’T SWIM!” 


Quickly, she shrugged into her hoodie and tied up her converse. I finished my shoes and hurried off behind her. I tried to open the door.


“It’s stuck!” I exclaimed frustrated and Jamie rolled her fox green eyes. She reached into her suitcase and tied together two jump ropes in a big knot.


“Put your biking helmet on.” She whispered as she lassoed the jump ropes. 


I stared in awe as she hooked the bottom of the ropes onto a small oak tree a little bit away. She went in my hamper and found my old jump rope. She tied it to the top of the rope and beckoned for me to come over.


“What are you doing?”


“Just trust me!” She said as she tossed the pillows across by the tree.


“Trust you with what?!”


“Your life! Now we just buckle up and shimmy over on top here; grab it and zoom.”


“I don’t get it.”


“We buckle ourselves to the rope. Tarzan style.” I looked shocked but thought of David. 


“Let’s do it.” I said as she knotted the jumprope around my waist. She did hers then slipped on some climbing gloves. We swung out of the window!


“Ahhhh! HELP!” I screeched as the night sky whizzed around us! It was 2:09 a.m. and I was flying out of the window of my summer home holding onto my insane best friend! A loud snapping noise sent us free falling through the air.


“We’re gonna die!” Jamie shrieked.




We tumbled into the river. Shivering, I swam against the pulling currents and felt around. I found a soft head and felt a wave of relief wash over me.


“Jamie, I have never been so glad to feel your mop of red hair!” I exclaimed and threw my arms around her neck as she breathed warmly on my head. I felt her furry neck. 




All of a sudden, whatever this thing was stood up with me clinging to its neck! Jamie’s flashlight shone against it. IT WAS A HORSE! 


My mouth dropped; it neighed in distress, and my fingers released from its neck. As Jamie silently shone her flashlight at its feet, I saw a piece of tight rope strung around its leg. I bent over and fiddled with it until it was completely off. I then tied it around its neck as a lead. It seemed to stay still for the whole time, probably out of weakness. I pulled vigorously at the rope and got it onto the shore. 


Light glistened into the sky, and I saw that she was a beautiful white mare just like in my dream. I also saw burn marks on her chest and scratches on her legs! She was skin and bones! Poor mare was a sore sight. I carried her to my porch and she followed willingly to the steps. I put some water in a bucket for her to drink out of. She took one sip, and something magical happened! Her cuts and burns were healed and she fattened up. She was dry! Her eyes twinkled in the sparkling orange light. Then, something extraordinary happened; her mouth opened and an enchanting voice came out.


“Mandy and Jamie, I am Taffy, the Wishing Mare. Since you have helped me, I will grant you each a wish.” 

Shocked, we jumped back.


“I wish for…” Jamie cupped her hands around the horse’s ear and whispered something that made Taffy chuckle.


“Wait a minute! You can talk?!” 


“Of course I can! All the animals I know can. What is your wish? I have to leave soon.”


“Um…okay. I wish for my very own horse!”


She nodded and stepped forward. As soon as she did, a small charcoal black foal with a white stripe on its nose galloped to me. 


“Thank you; I don’t know what to say!” I began as I tickled the foal’s chin, but when I turned to Taffy she was gone!


All that was left was my new foal who lay cozily in the tall grass behind me.


Please tell me what you think! 

1. Where did Taffy come from?

2. Where did Taffy go and why did she leave so suddenly? 

3. What did Jamie ask of Taffy?

4. Was it all a dream?

5. What happens next?




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