Hey everyone, in our last blog we discussed how inspired we were by  the ‘We Are Nigerian Creatives’ hashtag which provided an opportunity for Nigerians working in the creative industry to showcase their work. As promised in our last blog, in our next few blogs we’re going to put the spotlight on some of our favourite creatives from this hashtag, starting today with Princess Kay.


Princess Kay is an artist and freelance illustrator from Rivers State and is currently based in Lagos. A lot of her work focuses on drawing black women and she has created a range of beautiful illustrations which you can check out below. We absolutely love her work and you can find out more about her on Twitter and  Instagram and you can purchase some of her products here. If you’re interested in commissioning her to do some work (she designs book covers too!), sadly as of writing, her commissions are closed but if you keep an eye on her social media pages you can find out when she is available for commissions.


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