In our latest junior blogger post 10 year old Elijah gives a comprehensive review of the Traveller’s Pendant (book 2 in the Obi and Titi book series).  


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What type of story is The Traveller’s Pendant?



This book, just like book 1, is an adventure story.


Where is the story set?


Book 2 does not really move settings however the setting still remains in Africa. Obi and Titi, mainly for the whole book, are in the forest on their way to Titi’s mum’s house to tell her about the dark forces back in the village where Obi and Titi lived.


What are the main events?


The main events in Book 2 were probably: Obi and Titi lying down and setting up camp, the three men finding them , Obi and Titi finding Mumu, Mumu fighting the monkey and all of them arriving at the cave.


The plot:  Obi an Titi are still on their way to Titi’s mum’s village however they are both really tired so as a result of this they set up camp and rest. When they wake up Obi hears some people talking, although Titi doesn’t want to follow him but she does anyway. Three men capture them because they think that they were spying on them. Titi begins to panic as the three men threaten to kill them.


Both of them escape and run into Mumu, a monkey that they know.Obi and Titi bring Mumu with them; on the way a random monkey challenges Mumu to a fight. Titi put some hot sauce on Mumu’s hands and when the fight resumed Mumu touched the other monkey Mumu won the fight and the three of them were happily allowed to continue.   


Do you like the book? Why?


I did like book 2 but I preferred book 1 over book 2 because more suspense is shown in book 1, I also liked book 1 better because of the cliff-hanger with the dark forces. I have got many reasons why I liked book 1 but the main reason is because of the storyline.


What would have made the made the book better?


 New characters with different personalities would have made the book better .I think newer characters would attract the reader’s attention more.


Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?


Certainly I would recommend this to a friend and I am not just saying that. The reason is because of all of the vocabulary that has been used in the book. What make this book unique are the characters, that doesn’t sound unique because in every book there are characters. I believe that O.T Begho has put in characters for effect but I could be wrong.


Can you find some really good words in the book you could use in your own writing?


  • Unbeknown
  • Optimistic
  • Oppressors
  • Rummaging
  • Menacingly



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