Our junior bloggers are back with another short story. This time, sister team Ciara (13 years old) and Claire ( 7 years old) have joined forces to write a story about greed and its consequences. Please support them with their writing by leaving a comment in the comments section below.


Once upon time, there was a boy who liked jelly donuts. He ate jelly donuts every single day, and that was the only thing he ate and he ate so much that he never ate any healthy food.  


One day,  his friend Mary asked him for a donut and he told her no.  Mary said to him that he is greedy and does not share  anything. The next day the greedy fairy came to him and said “Come with me and I’ll show you a story of a greedy man that did not share anything.” The boy took her by the hand and…WHISH, POP, BI-ZING, they were in a whole other place. The fairy said, “You see that man over there eating that food in front of the homeless?” The boy said “Yes I do.” Then we followed the man home.


When he was home, the man took the food right out of his son’s plate. The mother said “That’s not yours!” but the  man shouted at her and told her to shut up.The next day the man woke up and realized that his son and the mother were not there, but they left a note saying, “We are tired of your greediness so we are going to my mother’s house until you can stop  being so greedy!” Seeing this, the man sat in his house and did not go to work for days. Then he got fired and could not keep up with the house payment so he lost his house for good. So he is now that homeless person on the street being laughed at.


WHISH,POP, BI-ZING! The boy was back in his town again. When he saw Mary he ran up to her and gave her the  the jelly donut  she asked for yesterday. He told her sorry and that he will never be greedy again.