Shifted Code

We are absolutely delighted to announce this new book, Shifted Code: From Digital to Reality. This a special one for us and comes from 13-year-old Elijah Frederick who we had the pleasure of working with to publish this, his first book!


Elijah has worked extremely hard and has been very dedicated, patient and persistent. We’re really impressed with his creativity and very proud of his accomplishment.


It’s so important to nurture talent in our young people and ensure that they are given all the opportunities they need to reach their potential.


So, today, we introduce you to the newest author out there, Mr Elijah Frederick, who we believe has a long writing career ahead of him.


Elijah’s book is an action-packed, fun IT fantasy adventure that tackles bullying and the power of working together.


Please support Elijah by buying, sharing and reviewing his book on Amazon here: 


You can also find out more about this super talented young author on his website here

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