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The Adventures of Obi and Titi is a chapter book series that uses a beautiful blend of fact and fiction to take its readers on an untold journey across ancient Africa.


This epic adventure series follows the story of two brave, young children and a very naughty monkey, who set out on an unexpected journey of knowledge, hope and everlasting friendship.


At the end of each book you will find a vocabulary and a list of African facts to support learning and further discussion.


Book #4 – The Adventures of Obi and Titi: Queen Idia’s Mask


Obi and Titi had reached the great Ile-Ife but the palace which was supposed to be a place of safety had turned out to be a place of grave danger. With a little luck and the help of a mysterious masked rider they had managed to escape but they were still in imminent danger and now so was the Queen.


Would they be able to warn her in time or was their luck about to run out?