ElijahOur latest junior blogger post comes from 10 year old Elijah who gives a comprehensive review of the Hidden Temple of Ogiso.  Please let Elijah know what you think about his review by leaving a comment and we’ll pass it on to him.






What type of story is The Hidden Temple of Ogiso?


Black children's characters

This story is an adventure type of story.


Where is the story set?


The story is mainly set in Africa, however within Africa they move to different settings: the village, the forest and the temple.


Who are the main characters?


The main characters in the book are Obi, Titi and finally Mumu.


What are the characters like?


Obi was nine and always getting into trouble. Thankfully Titi, a girl who was eleven, was close to him to get him out of trouble. As a result of the close friendship between their fathers they treat each other like brother and sister. They both are looked after by Titi’s dad because Obi’s dad wasn’t seen again. Mumu is a clever, annoying and cheeky monkey who is always up to mischief. Expect the unexpected from Mumu.


What is the story about?


The story is about a boy called Obi and a girl called Titi. They both go on an unexpected adventure and see familiar faces.


What are the main events?


Obi and Titi are playing hide and seek, Obi carelessly hid in the forbidden river. With his energy he climbs out and hides in a tree but falls into a hole. Titi jumped in after him. Straight ahead Obi sees his dad’s spear as well as a shadow.  They follow that shadow leading them to several rooms. Then they find out the shadow was Mumu. A wolf-like creature chases them and they escape. Obi and Titi leave Mumu in the forest. Obi and Titi leave the village because dark forces are spreading.


Do you like the book? Why?


I liked the book because this is book is one of a few books I’ve read about my culture. This book really hooked me in because at the end of the book they put a cliff hanger and I really wanted to read the next book in the series. 


What would have made the made the book better?


Things that would have made the book getter are a wider variety of punctuation and more suspense, especially in the last chapter.


Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?


Yes, because it’s a different type of adventure story.


Can you find some really good words in the book you could use in your own writing?


  • Treacherous
  • Imminent
  • Provinces
  • Gibberish
  • Inscription






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