On Saturday, we had a stall at Africa Utopia and were delighted to meet so many young people which gave us the opportunity to tell them about the work that we do and introduce them to our books and aspire campaign which encourages children to follow their dreams.  


After the event we were really touched to receive this excellent poem from 7 year old Miai. 


We think Miai is a great poet and writer. Please support Miai with her writing by leaving a comment below.



I really like the things you do
And I hope this will inspire you too.
The books, the cards, the badges and more
Which I really love and adore.
I can be an explorer like Obi and Titi 
Or an astronaut searching for E.T.
I can be a doctor making people well
Or a scientist examining HELA cells.
I can be a dancer or a famous acrobat
Or a milliner designing pretty hats.
I can be a violinist playing in a band
Yes I believe I can make a stand.


By Miai (age 7)


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