Over the weekend we attended a floating book fair which was organised by Logos Hope. We had never been to a floating book fair and were really interested in finding out more.


Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair with over 5,000 different titles all at affordable prices. The books that they showcase cover a wide range of subjects from science to religion and they have a collection of children’s books.


 As well as the numerous books they have on-board they host talks and workshops that encourage discussion on topical issues and promote love for reading and cultural understanding.


The floating book fair consists of a cruise ship which houses the book fair, workshops, International Cafe, an introductory movie and interactive displays. The large and friendly crew come from all corners of the world and the ship tours the globe docking at various cities for several days. During their stay they engage with local schools, churches and the wider community. This enables them to fulfil their aim of bringing knowledge, help and hope to the world through literature, cultural understanding, relief work and more.


Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships which is a charitable organisation that has been sailing the world since 1970. Over the years they have welcomed over 45 million visitors to their floating book fair and have sailed to over 160 countries throughout the world.


On the day we went we were really impressed with the number of people who attended, there was a steady footfall throughout the day and a lively atmosphere. It was great to see people of all ages on-board; there was something for everyone and hence this was the perfect family day out.


We enjoyed our time on the floating book fair and thought it was an effective way of reaching communities to promote literature and the love of reading.  Look out of the floating book fair on your shores, it’s worth a visit.



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