Hey everyone, in our last blog we discussed how inspired we were by  the ‘We Are Nigerian Creatives’ hashtag which provided an opportunity for Nigerians working in the creative industry to showcase their work. As promised in our last blog, in our next few blogs we’re going to put the spotlight on some of our Read More

Ahhhhhhh….. what a wonderful breath of tropical fresh air it was when we got on to Twitter a few days ago to find our timeline filled with the beautiful images of the work of creatives from Nigeria. This was all due to the hashtag #WeAreNigerianCreatives – God bless this hashtag!   The #WeAreNigerianCreatives hashtag and Read More

Hi Everyone,   We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We still are in a bit of shock that it’s Christmas already. This year has really flown by very quickly, where did the time go?!   We’d also like to thank you all for your support and Read More

The fifth book in our children’s book series, Shango’s Axe of Thunder, is a celebration of Shango, the fourth king of the Oyo Empire. The Oyo Empire was an ancient West African kingdom that reigned from the 15th century until 1835. Shango’s story is quite an interesting one and inspired the creation of the Shango Read More

The times that we live in are worrying. A wave of right-wing political parties across Europe are starting to see a surge in their popularity, the UK’s  Brexit campaign nurtured and exposed levels of  racism and prejudice that many thought were a thing of the past and the success of Donald Trump has given the Read More

Over the weekend we attended a floating book fair which was organised by Logos Hope. We had never been to a floating book fair and were really interested in finding out more.   Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair with over 5,000 different titles all at affordable prices. The books that they Read More

On Saturday, we had a stall at Africa Utopia and were delighted to meet so many young people which gave us the opportunity to tell them about the work that we do and introduce them to our books and aspire campaign which encourages children to follow their dreams.     After the event we were Read More

We are delighted to announce that our new picture book, I Want to Be a Doctor, is out. This book is the first in our Aspire Book Series which aims to encourage children to follow their dreams.  Please watch the short video clip below to find out more about our new book.     Due Read More