We Are Nigerian Creatives

Beautiful illustration from @princess_kay__, a Nigerian artist and freelance illustrator

Ahhhhhhh….. what a wonderful breath of tropical fresh air it was when we got on to Twitter a few days ago to find our timeline filled with the beautiful images of the work of creatives from Nigeria. This was all due to the hashtag #WeAreNigerianCreatives – God bless this hashtag!


The #WeAreNigerianCreatives hashtag and social media campaign was started by Olaloye Bunmi (@gangwolf360) to celebrate and appreciate all the unsung heroes in the Nigerian creative industry. This campaign started on the 23rd Feb and Nigerian creatives were asked to get involved and share their work.  The criteria for inclusion was:


  • You must be Nigerian
  • Be a creative
  • Tweet 3-4 examples of your work
  • Include a brief bio on your tweet
  • Use the hashtag #WeAreNigerianCreatives


This has been a wonderful inspirational campaign which we feel is much-needed. There is so much talent and positivity in Nigeria and sadly the focus always seems to be on the negative.  


Hundreds and hundreds of people have gotten involved in this campaign raising awareness of the variety of work being conducted by Nigerians. We were delighted to see animators, illustrators, painters, 3D artists, film makers, pencil and charcoal sketch artists, special effects artists, photojournalists, carpenters, shoemakers, makeup artists, fashion designers, cake and sugar artists and much much more.


It’s especially inspirational hearing the stories of the Nigerian creatives, most of whom are self-taught and have overcome significant challenges to be able to focus on perfecting their skill.


So…. In the next few blog posts we’ll be showcasing some of our favourite Nigerian creatives from this campaign. Please stay tuned and we’d encourage you to check out the hashtag and support a creative by commissioning one of them for your next project, or if you’re a Nigerian creative, don’t be shy, include your work in this campaign and let the world enjoy your gift.


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